The Spreadsheet Functions tab in Grow can be super helpful if you know what to use it for. One thing you are able to do in Spreadsheet Functions is reference other reports. This article shows you how to do that.

The syntax is =FUNCTION(report!location) where the function is your function expression, the report is where you want to pull it from, and then location is the column or cell that you want to reference.

  • In the report field, you reference the name of the report. It is always followed by an exclamation mark. For example, you can use “report1” or “report2” (or “report3”, etc. depending on how many reports you have) for new reports or “masterreport” for the Master SQL report.
  • In the location field, you can reference a specific cell or a column in a report. This location always comes immediately after the exclamation mark denoting which report is being referenced.

In the examples below, we’ll walk you through some of the ways to reference reports.

We will use the following Google Analytics example. The metric is the Visitor Overview prebuilt, and it has two Google Analytics reports and a Master SQL report.

Let’s say we want to pull column B from Report 1 into our spreadsheet. First, go to the Spreadsheet Functions tab. You can give the column a title, if you want.

In the cell below your title, enter the following function: =IMPORTSERIES(report1!B)

Hit enter, and watch your data pull in to your spreadsheet.

Next, we’re going to reference something from Report 2. Again, you can label the cell if you want. We are going to pull cell D2 from report 2.

Enter the following function into your cell: =report2!D2

This will return the value that is in Report 2, cell D2.

For the Master SQL report, we will pull in column D, which, in our metric, is Total Pageviews.

In order to reference this, use the following function: =IMPORTSERIES(masterreport!D)

Press enter, and the column will fill in to your spreadsheet.

If you want to know what functions the Spreadsheet Functions tab supports, you can find it in Grow. First log in to your Grow account, begin to edit a metric (you’ll need the Edit Metric page), and go to the Spreadsheet Functions tab. In the left-hand panel, you’ll see two main headings: Chart Settings and Spreadsheet Functions. Clicking on the Spreadsheet Functions heading will show you a list of the available spreadsheet functions.

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