Using Grow spreadsheet functions, you can calculate a metric using 2 different data sources.

First you need to Connect your 1st and 2nd data sources.

For this example let's use sample Salesforce data and sample Google Analytics data.

We want to compute how many sessions per closed deal. Session comes from GA, and Closed Deals comes from Salesforce.

Click Add Metric. Select 'Deals Closed by Month'

Click 'Add to Dashboard'

Click the gear then 'Edit Metric'

Click 'Add New Report'

Select 'Google Analytics'

Select your site.

Chose your GA Metric and select Sessions.

Chose your dimension as 'YearMonth'

Set your date for 1 year back and click 'Connect'.

Google Analytics pulls in 13 months for 1 Year Back, while Salesforce pulls in 12 months, so go to Report 1 (Salesforce) and change the 11 to 12.

Go to the Spreadsheet Function Tab and enter '=IMPORTSERIES(report1!B)' to pull in the Salesforce data.

Enter '=IMPORTSERIES(report2!A)' to pull in the Google Analytics data. Notice the Report2.

Also notice that it is pulling in the ga header as a row. So go back to Report2 and check 'Lock first row as header'

Enter the formula '=spreadsheet!B1/spreadsheet!A1' to divide Session/Deals Closed

This will give you Sessions Per Closed Deal. Click and drag the blue corner to fill the formula down.

Change the chart type to Single Value, Select the Current Month, name the Metric 'Sessions Per Deal Closed' and hit save.

You now have a metric using 2 different data sources.

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