Sometimes you get back a report that has 100 columns and you only want 2.

There are two ways to remove the extra columns. You can use the Remove Column function or SQLite.

Remove Column

1. Click the Remove Column button.

2. Select the columns you want to keep.

3. Click done. And you are done!

SQLite Remove Columns

1. Click into the SQLite box.

2. Enter an SQL select statement. You want to tell Grow which columns to keep. For example if you wanted to keep the key and the description columns you could enter something like this:

SELECT key, "fields.description" FROM report

You have to tell SQL where you want the data to come from and like it says right above the SQLite box we can reference the data from the report by using 'report' as the table name. If you need more info about SQL select statements a good tutorial can be found here.

3. Click 'Connect' and you are done.

Looking to remove rows? Check out our filter transform article here.

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