You can display in Grow the Revenue generated from Facebook Ads, but only if you setup a conversion value in Facebook first.

After adding the Facebook Ads data source, you can create a custom metric using the field total_action_value. The Facebook API docs state that total_action_value returns "The total revenue returned from conversions".

But this will be 0$ for most ads and companies because you have to set the conversion value manually. To calculate your conversion value, you would divide the value of a sale or conversion by the number of conversions needed to get that value. For example if you are selling a shirt, and you are tracking conversions as clicks. If the shirt generates 20$ a sale, and you convert 10% of ad clicks (conversions) to buyers, that is 1 in 10. So 20$ value / 10 conversions = 2$ value per conversion. Each ad click is worth 2$, so in Facebook you would set your conversion value to $2.

Once you calculate your conversion value, you need to set that value in Facebook.

Setting the conversion value is surprisingly kind of difficult. You have to add it directly to your Facebook tracking pixel code.

If you want dynamic values, you would need to work with your developer or platform to customize it. You can also set up different values for each custom conversion.

Facebook has a pretty comprehensive help article about how to set the value for conversions. Facebook - How do I set a value or change the currency for my conversions?

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