MINDBODY helps you manage online booking, staff resources, marketing, and more. The MINDBODY/Grow integration enables you to view all of your MINDBODY data in the same place and more effectively make decisions for your business.

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Here are some key things you can expect with the Mindbody integration.

  • Carefully follow the instructions to connect. One of the key steps that some customers miss is activating the Mindbody sites. If you do not activate your sites before completing the setup, you will run into errors or incomplete data. The how to connect instructions walk you through activating your sites.
  • Reports with lots of detailed information can be slow. The API can sometimes be a little slow when providing an endpoint with lots of detailed data. The endpoint we see this the most with is Class Visits. Additionally, Visits reports only come back with data from 30 days back or month to date.
  • You may need to do timezone offsets. Your data is likely to come back in UTC time. This means that you’ll need to do some conversions to show your data in your local time. This article will help you out in doing that.
  • Mindbody’s API only provides accumulated sales. One of the most frequent requests we get is to pull back sales by category or location. However, we can only get accumulated sales back.
  • Grow and Mindbody are partners. We are working with Mindbody to make improvements to the data available from their API. We can make requests to them to get more data, but be aware that even as we make requests, it is a long process.

Here is a list of the reports that the Mindbody/Grow integration offers, along with the description of each.

  • Classes: List of all classes scheduled including class name, start and end time, program names, location details, cancellations, staff information, etc. 
  • Sales: List of all sales transactions, including date, payment type, method and sales amount.  
  • Class Visit Summary: List of all class visits, including class name, location, staff information, class time etc.
  • Class Visits Details: List of all class visits, including class details as well as client name and information.  
  • Class Descriptions: List of all classes including class id, name, description, program name, default time length, etc. 
  • Sites: List of all class sites and related information.
  • Locations: List of all locations, site id, square footage, rooms, address etc.
  • Packages: List of all offered packages including name, discount rate, service price, etc. 
  • Products: List of all products offered, including name, description, price, tax rate, etc.

Questions about Mindbody? Email us at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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