Wrike's project management tool helps remote and co-located team members collaborate and organize tasks more efficiently so that projects are completed faster. The Grow/Wrike integration allows you to analyze and track your project data in real-time and provide key decision-makers with the information they need, when they need it.

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Below is a complete list of the reports that the Wrike integration offers, along with a description of the data provided in each report.

Users: All users, including name, ID, type, timezone, locale, deleted, company name, phone, title, location, etc.

Groups: All user groups, including group ID, name, type, timezone, locale, deleted, my team, etc.

Folders & Projects: All folders and projects, including title, scope, child IDs, project author, owner IDs, status, completed date, etc.

Tasks: All tasks filtered by user. Additional filter options include status, created date, due date, or completed date. These filters can be selected from the checkbox or drop-down menus that are automatically generated when the "Tasks" report is selected:

Field data for the Tasks report includes task ID, active, completed, deferred, cancelled, account name and ID, title, description, status, importance, created date, scope, priority, duration, start date, due date, completed date, responsible IDs, etc.

Comments: All comments, including author ID, text, created date, parent task name and ID, author name and ID, etc.

Time Logs: All time entries for the desired date range, including parent task name and ID, user name and ID, hours, created date, tracked date, comment, etc.

Questions about using Wrike? Let us know at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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