To connect your Infusionsoft account to Grow:

1) Click "Add Metric" on any dashboard.

2) Click the Infusionsoft connection.

3) Click "Connect."

Quick warning, InfusionSoft only supports having 1 connection per InfusionSoft account. So if someone in your organization has already authorized InfusionSoft using 1 account, do not authorize it again using that same account. Doing so will cause multiple issues. More info here.

4) Fill out your Infusionsoft username and password and click "Log In."

Once you've connected your Infusionsoft metric, you'll want to pull in the data from one of your reports. Grow's Infusionsoft integration will only pull in custom made reports that have been saved within Infusionsoft.

To access the report, Grow asks for the Filter ID of the saved custom report, found in the URL of the report:

​and the User ID for the respective Infusionsoft user, found in the User tab:

Video Tutorial:

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