Instagram offers businesses a creative way to connect and interact with audiences. The Instagram/Grow integration allows you to monitor your posts and engagement and plan how to reach your circle of influence more effectively.

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Instagram’s API does not allow access to historical data.
This means that it is impossible for Grow to pull how many Instagram followers your account had at any time before you connected Grow to Instagram. We can and will automatically track your followers per day from when the account was connected. 

There are 3rd party services that could return historical data, however, Grow hasn't tested any of them, and doesn't endorse or suggest them. 

500 Items API Limit
Instagram only returns the 500 most recent individual items in itemized reports. So when pulling followers, liked posts or user posts, Instagram only returns up to the most recent 500.

Below is a list of the endpoints that the Instagram/Grow integration offers, along with a short description of each. 

  • User Info: Returns the info for your account.
  • User Posts: Comments, likes, location, text, and tagged users in your posts.
  • Liked Posts: Text, hashtags, and users of the posts you’ve liked
  • Following: Number of users that you follow, along with their name and username
  • Followers: Users that follow you
  • Total Aggregated Followers: Total number of followers you have

Questions about using Instagram? Chat in and we will be happy to help.

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