If you're looking to connect a Grow user to PipelineDeals and start pulling data in, here's a quick walkthrough for you to refer to.

You'll first want to log into your Grow account and click the Add Metric button at the top of your dashboard. Search for and select PipelineDeals in the integration list on the left. If you haven't connected any user accounts to PipelineDeals, you'll see the blue Connect button appear. 

If you already have a user account connected to PipelineDeals, it will show as the default user and you'll need to click the white plus symbol to the right of that to bring up the connect screen.

When you click Connect, you'll see a new window appear prompting you to enter your PipelineDeals Auth nickname and API key.

Your auth nickname is just the name that will display in Grow for the account. You can enter whatever value you want, but we'd suggest using your first name and last initial, or an email address—something that makes it obvious who the auth belongs to.

To get your PipelineDeals API key, log into your PipelineDeals account, go to Account Settings, and click on PipelineDeals API in the sidebar. If you've already enabled API access, this will bring up a list of available APIs. If you haven't, go ahead and click the "Enable API Access" button. 

Now, copy and paste the API key listed under the available API users section into the Grow authentication window, and click Submit.

You're all set to start building metrics with PipelineDeals! If you have any questions about the PipelineDeals/Grow integration, email us at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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