NOTE: Grow no longer does installations of Quickbooks Desktop. This article is for reference only.

Q: I tried to sync my QBD system and it times out.
A: Make sure you go through and remove the files you don’t need i.e. the big reports, sales by rep, sales by customer, sales by item, one year back. Pull in AR, AP, Cash Balance, etc.

Q: QBD isn’t auto syncing like it should.
A: Go back through and ensure everything was done STEP BY STEP nothing missed (i.e. Logged in under admin, correct grow password, clicked start when windows starts). If that doesn’t work, please contact your data rep.

Q: Does Grow pull in my custom reports from QBO or QBD?
A: Quickbooks doesn't allow us to pull in those reports via the API. So Grow can’t pull those in, but we can use the raw data to recreate the report in Grow.

Q: I can’t work in QBD when it is running.
A: The system is likely running a sync. Wait a couple of minutes and it should work great.

Q: When I go through the process to "Add New QB Company File," the file path doesn't show on the list of Quickbook Company files after you hit save.
A: Generally the user doesn't have permission access the C/D drive. Contact your VM provider to allow access.

Q: My company has extra security settings on our remote server. Does this change how I set up Quickbooks?
A: Yes. It is significant because every new software that needs access to your financial information needs to be added to your safe/trusted sites. In order to do this, start Quickbooks. It will pull up a pop-up message labeled "Internet Security Levels Are Set Too High." Go ahead and click on the blue "Make Changes" button. On the Security tab, click the icon for trusted sites, then click on the Sites button. You'll need to paste the site for the Grow Connector into the "Service URL" field, then click "Save" or "Add." This will then add the Grow connector as a trusted site. Exit Quickbooks and reopen it---it should now work just fine.

It's easiest to add it as a trusted site before opening. the Grow connector. If you add it after you've opened the Grow connector, make sure it's up and running. When you add the trusted site, your Quickbooks file should automatically appear in the Grow connector. If it doesn't, exit all Quickbooks software and open it again.

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