Sharing a dashboard in Grow is easy. It can be done through PDF Email Reports, New User Additions, and Share URLs.

To setup a PDF email report, click into your account settings, select Dashboards, and then clicking on the PDF Email Reports button next to the dashboard you’d like to share. You can select how frequently you’d like these to be sent. This is a great option for those who don’t login to the platform frequently but that would like to see the data.

Another way to share your dashboards would be by adding new users. You have the ability to add unlimited users on Grow, so everyone in your company can have their own account. Go to your account settings, click on Users and then put in the name and email address of the user you’d like to add. To finish, select the permissions and dashboards you’d like the user to have access to. You can also add them straight from the dashboard. More info about both of those methods for adding users here.

The final way would be to generate a share URL. This can be done by going to your account settings, selecting Dashboards from the left-hand panel, and then finding your dashboard. Click the Generate Share URL button, and then copy and paste that URL into an email or slack message. This will give whomever has the URL view only access to the dashboard.

If you want to learn more about dashboard share URLs, check out this article.

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