Building a metric in the New Builder is very similar to building a metric in the old builder, just faster and easier. 

The basic steps are:

  1. Get the data
  2. Transform the data
  3. Chart it
  4. Save it

Get the Data

When you click 'Add Metric' you will be taken straight to the Add Data page. Here you can see all the data sources you have already connected to Grow, and connect new ones. 

Pick the data source you want to use or click 'View all datasources' to see a list of all the data sources you can use with Grow. 

Here you can sort by popularity, alphabetically, or by category. 

Pick the data source you want to use and we will enter the builder. 

You can chose or create an Auth connection to that data source, and then pick what data you want to pull back. Let's get users over the last 30 days, by day. 

Fill out the required parameters and click 'Get Data'.

The looks like the data we want. We now move to the next step, transforming the data. 

Transform the Data

On the left hand side is my transform pipeline. I want to group by week. I can click the 'Add Transform' button and pick the Group transform.

Now the top middle area shows the details of the Group Tranform. This is the working area. I can fill out the Transform settings and hit 'Run'.

Once that transform has finished running I can now move onto the next step of Charting. 


I can switch over to the Chart side of the build in a few methods.

I can click the Chart tab at the top of the builder, or I can click 'Build Chart' or 'Create your Chart' in the Chart Mini Preview. 

Now I just need to select data. I can use the 'Add value' button on the left hand side, or I can use the floating button on the chart. 

Once I click on a column of data, Grow will try to guess what you want your Date or Category labels to be. We pick the first date column. If that is wrong you can switch it with one click. 

In this case that was the correct choice and my chart is done. 

Now I just need to save it. 


Give the chart a title, a description and pick which dashboard it should appear on. Now I am done!

If you have any questions about the new builder, just shoot me an email

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