Chart Level Transforms allow anyone to make metrics in a simple quick way. 

How to use Chart Level Transforms

  1. Using a dataset or another good source of data, pick the column you want to chart by Adding a Value. 

2. Then click the data exploration bar at the top of the chart. 

3. Pick the date range, and what time period you want to group by. 

You can also select an attribute you want to slice (pivot) your data on. 

Adjust the way the grouped data is combine if needed, it defaults to sum. 

4. Click Apply and you are done. Need to change the date range? Few clicks and you are done. Want to slice by a different attribute? Simple. 

Here is a quick gif walking you through the process. 

Q: Do Chart Level Transforms work on data without a date in the x axis?
A: Currently Chart Level Transforms only work if you have a date in the x axis. We are working on supporting any type of data. 

Q: Why does it sometimes take a while to run?
A: The Chart Level Transforms are doing multiple calculations on your data. It should be quick but if you have a lot of rows of data, it can be a bit slower. 

Q: I don't see Chart Level Transforms?
A: Log out and log back in, it is a brand new feature and just went live for everyone (Oct 2018)

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