Here you’ll find how to build a funnel chart.

First, connect your data source in Grow.

Once you get to the Edit New Metric page, click the Column button to reveal the chart type drop down and select Funnel.

Click the + Add Data button to select your data. For our example, we are going to choose Row 2, since we want the totals from each lead source. The Data Series can be columns, rows, or even individual cells.

Under the same heading, you can use the options to change the colors of your funnel, change the number format, display the labels for each part of the funnel, or show the legend when your metric is in Expanded View.

To add labels to your funnel chart, click + Add segments. In this case we will be selecting Row 1 since that is where our column headers are located.  

If you want to add a key value, go the Key Value heading on the left-hand side of the page. (This shows up right under the Segments section.) To be able to filter on this metric, use the Filterable Columns heading to select what data you’d like to filter. (If you don’t know what this is, check out our help article here.)

Give your metric a title, then save it to a dashboard. You’re good to go!

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