Grow can display your data on a map. Currently supported maps are World, United States, and World Bubble.

To build a Map chart connect your data, then click Column to reveal the chart type menu. Go ahead and select Map.

Click + Add Region and select your region column. You will want to make sure you select the correct ID Region for your data. 

Next, you will want to click + Add Data and then select your Data series. In my case I am selecting my column with the total cost from each transaction. 

For Grow to recognize the State names, the accepted formats are 2 digit State codes in all caps, or State names. You can mix and match State names and State codes if each state is only represented by one type. For example you can have list that includes Florida, HI, and Idaho as long as Idaho is only represented as Idaho each time and not ID and Idaho. We recommend State Codes whenever possible.

For World Maps, the accepted formats are similar to the state requirements. Country Codes in all caps, or Country names, with Country Codes being preferred.

United States: 

  • 2 Character State Codes (UT, CA, NY, etc.)
  • State Names (Utah, California, New York, etc.)


  • Country Code (US / USA, CA / CAN)
  • Country Name (United States, Canada)


Grow recognizes State names, but the State abbreviations are not recognized.

State Names

State Abbreviations (not recognized)

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