Table charts are pretty straightforward, but we’ll give you a few tips and tricks here on building and using them.

To build a table chart, first log in to your Grow account and click Add Metric. Choose your data source, connect your data, and press continue.

In Edit Metric, click on the chart type menu to view the list of charts. Scroll down until you find Table Chart. Go ahead and click that.

Selecting Your Data

For each column you want to see in your table, you will need to select each column as a data series. Under the Data Series header to the left, click the blue Add Data button, then select the column header that you want to add to the table.

Formatting Your Data

If you want to left- or right-justify or center the data in each column, first expand the data series on the left for each column. Select the Alignment drop-down menu, and then select your alignment.

You’ll need to do this for each column you want to align. The default alignment is center.

If you have links in your table chart and you want to make them hyperlinks, expand each data series and check the Display values as links box.

Enable Filter Option

If you want to be able to filter on your table metric, you can check the Enable Filtering checkbox under Settings in the Display selection.

Enabling this will bring up a filter option at the top of your metric. You can then use this to search quickly through your table.

Please note that Grow does not offer any other formatting or variable highlighting within the table metric.

If you want to check out how to use Filter and Drill with your table metric, start by checking out this article.

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