A pivot table is a special Grow tool that allows you to summarize and explore data interactively. Pivot tables can sort, count, unique count, average, or find the min or max of your data, and display the results in a new table showing the summarized data. This gives you a lot of flexibility and analytical power to extract the significance from detailed data sets.

Here is an example:

You have a list of leads, or customers with some data attributes (title, company size) and you want to see what is your most common size of company by title. You think for example that CEOs are your most common. We can answer this question quickly using a pivot table.

Select what you want to compare as your Row and Column source. In our case we want Company Revenue in the Columns, and Title in the Rows. Leave the Value source blank because we just want to Count as our Calculation Type.

Sort the column you want to highlight, and then select the data you want to graph, and we can clearly see that CEO is the most common title for smaller companies while Owner is the most common for larger companies. This would be hard to see looking at the detailed data, but using pivot tables it is easy.

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