The Tag Transform allows you to categorize data based on criteria you select from the data you've imported. The Tag Transform will create a new column with the tag names you've created. The overview Tag article is here

If you need to make multiple metrics using the same criteria it is super easy with Saved Tags. 

Let's say for example your sales report includes a card type, but they don't include what region that card is from. You setup a few logic statements to categorize cards as from the US, International, or Unknown. 

Now you want to re-use this classification in another metric that has similar or the same data. 

Click the Tag Transform and look to the bottom of the window and click 'Saved Tag Library'. 

Each set of tags you create is automatically presented so you can reuse it. 

Scroll down to find the set of tags you just created. You have two options. 

'Select' or 'Use a Copy'


Choosing select means that you are using the same set of tags as the first metric. Changes to one will affect the other. 

If you want to use the set of tags as a starting point but make changes independant from the other metric, instead click 'Use as template'. 

Use as template

Picking use as template will make an independent copy of the tags that you can edit without fear of changing the other metrics that used those tags. 

When you duplicate a metric or dashboard that is using the Tag transform, the new duplicated metric will be using the Saved Tags, so changing one metric, will reflect on the others. 

This is communicated with a banner. 

This is only impactful if you are editing the tags, so that is where this information is shown. If you don't want to modify the original metric, just click 'Use a copy instead' and you will get an independent copy of the tags that you can edit. 

If you have any questions please contact support!

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