SQL is a powerful tool when you need something very specific from your data. 

Previously, you would write SQL in a transform box under Data Settings for your metric. Now if you want to write SQL, you can find it with other Grow transforms.

Please note that if you want to have the metric editor process your SQL before any other transforms, you will need to add it as the first transform, before adding any others.

To write SQL, first click the Add Transforms button, then select SQL. 

The following window will pull up, where you can write your SQL statement and click Run when you are finished.

On the right you'll notice Grow lists out the different reports you are working with and the column names within each report that could be used in your SQL statement. You can hover over any of the column names and you'll notice a small blue 'copy' pop up.

You can click this copy button on a specific column name and then simply paste it into the SQL statement. This is especially helpful if you have long column names since you no longer have to type out the full name and eliminates potential typos.

Here are some other SQL resources:

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