Many companies that manage billing or other finance data have the flexibility to use different currencies. This presents somewhat of a complicated issue for Grow: how to handle different countries' currencies. 

There are two main different kinds of currencies---decimal currencies and zero-decimal currencies. Many APIs provide the amounts in the smallest common currency unit (i.e. for USD or EUR, 100 cents instead of $1.00 or €1.00). However, for zero-decimal currencies (i.e. JPY, Japanese Yen), the smallest currency is the regular denomination (¥1 for 1 Yen). 

When you pull data into Grow from these APIs, it usually remains consistent with the API's setup and returns the smallest unit of currency. If you have a decimal currency, your data will pull in in cents (or pence, or whatever similar unit exists in your currency). This means that you may need to divide your data by 100 in order to view it in a format that makes sense for your company. In Grow, you can use calculated columns to transform the data. If you don't know how to use calculated columns, here's our article on how.

Some APIs where this is required include Stripe and Chargebee.

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