The Last function is an essential function built into the spreadsheet functions tab of the Grow Platform. This function will allow you put a key value into your metric that will give you day-over-day/month-over-month comparison values that will change as new data is added to your reports

For example, if I wanted one of the key values on my metric to show me today’s data vs. yesterday, the LAST function would make this easy.

Let's say I'm pulling a report from Google Analytics, and I want to see a key value showing me how I'm doing today vs yesterday. One column is showing dates, the other is showing me my sessions. If you scroll down, you can see the the current day is on the last row. This is where I would use my last function. Go to spreadsheet functions, and label cell A1 as Today, and cell A2 as Yesterday.

Now in cell b1, put in =LAST(report1!A) and this will always pull in today's sessions.

Now in cell b2, put in =LAST(report1!A,-1) and essentially the minus one shifts the Last function up one row so that it will always pull in the previous day.

Now go to key values, Add Value and select the number next to today, and the click on Add Comparison Value and select the cell containing yesterday's sessions. Now you have dynamic key values showing you day over day comparisons.

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