Adding a goal line can be helpful in measuring your progress towards your goals. While your key value shows a snapshot of your actual performance, the goal line is a visual line on your metric that lets you compare your performance against your goal.

To add a goal line, go into the Edit Metric view for one of your metrics. If you are creating a new metric, you’ll want to connect your data, then start building your metric visual before adding a goal line.

In the left-hand panel, expand the Goal Line header.

You’ll have two options for the goal line. You can either enter a value for your goal line, or you can choose a specific cell for your Goal Line. This may be a value within your data, or you could use Spreadsheet Functions to create a specific goal line. 

If you use the second option, you’ll select the button for Choose a cell for Goal Line. A blue Add Value button will become available, and you can use that to pick a specific cell.

And that’s it!

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