Sometimes it is helpful to be able to view the direction (positive or negative) your data is going. Grow has a handy feature that lets you add a trendline to some metrics. This helps you get a better feel for how your data is performing.

The purpose of a trendline is to show the rate something is increasing or decreasing. Thus, it will not be effective with chart types that do not show clear patterns over time (i.e. pie chart or radar chart). Additionally, these metrics will not show the option for a trendline. However, bar charts, line charts, and other similar charts are much easier to add a trendline to.

To add a trendline, create a new metric or go to the Edit Metric page on a pre-built or another metric you’ve already created. For this example, I already have this Google Analytics metric on my dashboard, so I just go to Edit Metric.

After you get to Edit Metric, go to Chart Settings. Expand the Data Series header. Here you will find a checkbox labeled “Add TrendLine.”

Once you check this box, a trendline will appear on your graph.

And that’s it!

Questions about adding a trendline? Email us at or chat in on the site.

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