Have you ever tried to join two reports in Grow, but all you need is a duplicate of the first report? This feature will let you duplicate and add a new report with ease.

About Duplicating a Report

The Duplicate Report feature is in the Edit Metric screen. It lets you duplicate whichever report you are on and adds it as a new report for that metric. So if you duplicate Report 1, you will get Report 2. This is handy if you want to configure the same report for the same metric with 1 or 2 small changes.

If you have applied transforms to a report, duplicating a report will copy the same transforms over. (If you make changes on the duplicated report, they won’t affect the original report.) And naturally, if you haven’t applied any transforms when you duplicate the report, the duplicated report won’t have any transforms.

How to Do It

Here’s how to duplicate a report.

First, when you are either creating a new metric or editing an existing one, you’ll go to the Edit Metric page. Above your data in the right-hand corner, click on the Options drop-down.

From the drop-down menu, select Duplicate Report.

And that’s it! You’ll be on the duplicated report, and you can manipulate it to your pleasure.

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