Selecting Your Data

To select a data series, you'll need to be in the Edit Metric view. This is after you have pulled in a report and verified that it is the data you want. 

Expand the Data Series heading in the left-hand panel of the Edit Metric view. Go ahead and click the blue Add Data button.

You can then use the mouse selector to choose your data series. You can either click on a column or row header to select that entire area, or you can click and drag to select the respective cells in the spreadsheet.

Your data series will appear in the metric view area above your data.

Formatting Your Data

To format your data, you can expand the dropdown arrow next to your data series.

Each chart type will have different formatting options. Generally, you can change the color, line thickness, and style of data labels, among other things. You can see more details by checking out this article.

You can also rename your data series by clicking in the box in the header of the data series.

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