Q: What is the new metric builder?

A. The new metric builder is the newest version of our current Edit Metric. This version of the builder does everything our current builder does. Every metric created in the current builder can be opened or created from scratch in the new version of the builder.

Q. Do I have to change my metrics or dashboards at all? 

A. Nope! The new builder is completely compatible with all the metrics built in the old builder. You can open them up and they will work right away. Additionally, everything you can do in the old builder, you can do in the new builder as well. 

Q. When will the new builder be available to all users? 

A. August 1st will be the official release. You can give it a sneak peek by clicking the banner at the top of the current edit metric page. 

Q: Is the current builder being shut off?

Not immediately. We will eventually stop supporting the current builder, and once we have extensive positive user feedback and performance checks, we will turn off the current builder. When we launch the new metric builder, we will give you the option to switch back to the old builder.

Q: Is there any way to move metrics built with the legacy builder over to the new builder?

A. Yes just open them. There is no transfer or moving of metrics you will have to do. Super smooth. 

Q: Who is the new builder for?

This new builder is for any and all users of Grow. It will become our main builder soon after it’s release.

Q: Why are you releasing this?

A: Aside from improving on every aspect of the current builder—from design to performance—this revision lays the foundation for the release of many new and exciting features we have planned for later this year.  

Q. I have a question not answered here?

A. We would love to hear from you. Just email josh@grow.com!

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