Here are some things you can expect when using MySQL.

  • You’ll need to write your own SQL queries. Since every database is different, we rely on your knowledge and understanding of your database to pull back the data you want. We have a fair amount of documentation on SQL and SQLite and are continually working on expanding this section. Additionally, you can check out some common MySQL queries. If you have questions on anything, feel free to chat in. 
  • Databases can be tricky but powerful. If you know how to use them and get the data back that you want, it can be a powerful tool in your data reporting. You’ll find some articles here on how to connect your database in a couple different ways.
  • Be aware that if your database is managed by a 3rd party, it may be difficult. Given that you need to write your own queries, often a third party company will charge a lot of money to write queries.
  • There are some limitations when you try to pull too large of a data series in one query.

You can find more information and articles here about MySQL databases. Feel free to chat in if you have questions or suggestions!

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