Stored procedures are accessed just like a normal SQL function call. You can call them in the SQLite transformer in Grow. You need to make sure that the user that you are using to access the database from Grow has access and permissions to use the stored procedure. If you set up a read only admin user that usually is not a problem. 

For example, you have a stored procedure named 'uspGetAddress' with a variable @City. To call it you would enter the following in the SQLite transformer:

EXECUTE uspGetAddress @City = 'New York'

When you use queries for stored procedures in Grow, each query will only return one table's data. Grow cannot currently support multiple datasets. To work around this, however, you can change the stored procedure to Union. Your queries should then look like what's shown below.

SELECT * FROM @myTable1
SELECT * FROM @myTable2

SELECT field0, field1 from @myTable1
SELECT field0, field3 from @myTable2

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