Appfigures is a platform that helps businesses track analytics for their mobile apps. The Appfigures/Grow integration will give you an insight into how to best increase the power of company’s mobile app.

This article will give you an overview of the Appfigures/Grow integration.

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Other Notes:
The Appfigures API allows you to aggregate your data by different dates. In Grow, this is found under the Granularity drop-down list. For more information, read about it on our help article here.

Below you will find the reports that the appfigures integration offers, along with the fields of data each one provides.

  • List All Products: ID, Name, Developer, Icon, Vendor Identifier, Ref Number, SKU, Package Name, Store ID, Store, Storefront, Release Date, Added Date, Updated Date, Version, Active, External Account ID, Time Stamp, Source Active, Source Hidden, Source Type, Type, Devices, Bundle Identifier, Accessible Features, Children, Features, Parental ID, Storefronts, Currency, Price
  • Sales: Downloads, re-downloads, Updates, Returns, Net Downloads, Promos, Revenue generated, Return Amount, Edu Downloads, Gifts, Gift Redemptions for selected products and date range
  • Revenue: Sales, iap, returns, edu, ads, total
  • Ads: Revenue, Requests, Impressions, ecpm, fillrate, ctr, clicks, requests filled
  • Ratings: Product, Region, Date, How many stars

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