Ad_creative is a field in Grow’s Facebook Ads integration that lets you view details, images, and data for the performance of your various Facebook Ads.

Using ad_creative requires that you add certain breakdowns before Facebook Ads will return the data you want. If you only select ad_creative but don’t add any other filters or breakdowns, you may see the following error:

Facebook Ads uses breakdowns to give you more insights into certain details. However, only certain breakdowns can be queried together. Here is how to get the data you need from ad_creative.

First, set the summary level to Ad. Click the blue Fields button and select ad_creative.

Next, click the blue Breakdowns button and select the following three breakdowns: impression_device, publisher_platform, and platform_position.

Choose a date range, then press the blue Connect button.

And that’s it! You are good to go.

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