Facebook Ads helps you promote your page and business to the right people across Facebook’s Audience Network, so you get big value out of every advertising dollar. The Facebook Ads/Grow integration gives you the chance to see your data in real time, enabling you to make powerful decisions for your campaigns.

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Here's what you can expect from your Facebook Ads integration.

  • Optional Field Conflicts. Only the fields with a red asterisk are required to pull your Facebook Ads info. There are lots of optional fields, and some of them are incompatible. If you are hitting those conflicts, try removing some of the optional fields. Your Data Consultant can help you with these. 
  • Can I pull in pixels? Yes! As mentioned below, you can pull in your pixel data when you select the Actions field. Check out this article for more details.
  • Where are my conversions? You have to do some setup on your site and Facebook in order to track conversions and revenue from conversions. Check out this help article with more info on that. Once you have that set up, the conversions are in the Field actions/pixels, which is the array of all the actions someone can take, including events tied to the FB pixel (if you’ve set that up).

Other Notes
Facebook Ads custom metrics in Grow have a checkbox labeled “Get Data By Day.” If you check this box, it will break down the data into each individual day instead of aggregating it into the time frame you’ve chosen.


Facebook Ads doesn’t have set reports through which to pull data. You can, however, break it down the data by different levels.

  • Account: This is the highest hierarchical level. Total spend/clicks for the entire account by day.
  • Campaign: Data for an account, broken down by campaign.
  • Ad Set: Data for an account, organized by ad sets within a campaign.
  • Ad: Specific ads

For each of these levels, you can access the same types of information. The blue "Fields" button pulls up a window that shows the options for data. If you don’t select any fields, it will show you general information about the level you have selected (start and stop date for the data being pulled, impressions, spend, account ID, and other IDs).

Below is a list of some common fields, along with a short description. Some fields don’t just bring in one column of data; rather, it will display anything associated with that field. For example, the field “Actions” brings in link click, post reaction, page engagement, post engagement, like, comment, among others. 

  • CTR: Click through rate. This is the percent of clicks to number of times your ad was shown.
  • Actions: All actions taken by users. Actions subsumes things that would be tracked in a conversions field. This includes pixel data, if you have set that up on your Facebook Ads site.
  • CPC: Cost per click. How much you pay for each click on one of your ads.
  • Spend: Spend for your data level (ad, ad set, etc.) 
  • CPM: Cost per thousand impressions. The M is the Roman numeral for thousand.
  • Unique actions: Number of unique actions. A unique action is the first time someone takes an action or interacts with your ad.
  • Impressions: The number of times your ads were viewed.
  • Clicks: Total number clicks
  • Ad/adset/campaign name: The name of your ad/ad set/campaign. Be aware of your data levels with this field: if you have the field ad_name selected for campaign-level data, you will only get columns with dates, but no names of ads or campaigns.

Beyond the levels, there are other ways in Grow that you can slice up the data:

  • Breakdown: Sort data by demographic information.
  • Filters: Greater than, less than, contains, etc. for activity surrounding your ads. Most of these are the same options as the options under Fields.
  • Windows: Start and stop period of ad windows (clicks or views)

Questions about using Facebook Ads? Email us at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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