This article will give you a basic overview of things you should know about using Google Ads.

How do I use AdWords Query Language (AWQL)?

Grow’s Google Ads integration supports AWQL as well as selecting a predetermined report. If you know AWQL, this can be a great option for combining data and fields from different reports. Google provides more information at this article here for writing AWQL.

What's the best way to choose what fields to use in my report?

Google Ads can be very particular, especially in selecting columns. Certain fields don't work with other fields, and oftentimes this is very specific.

For example, if you get this error in Grow: Error: Invalid field selected. Please review your query and try again., it probably means you are trying to use two fields or columns together that Google Ads doesn't support. 

The best way to check this is to read the documentation Google provides here. To find a specific field, you can either use the finder in your browser, or there is a list of the fields on the right side of the page.

Let’s say I am trying to pull Device  and BounceRate  and I get that error. I would go to the Google Documentation and search for either one of those two fields. Both of them have a drop-down section labeled "Not compatible with the following fields:". You will find that they are incompatible together.

My cost field looks longer than it should. Is this normal?

When pulling in the Cost field from Google Ads, you’ll see that the cost data comes through as a longer string of numbers than you would expect.

Google returns this type of number to be universal with other systems, but for your purposes, you probably want to see this number as a dollar figure. We have a help article here that shows you how to transform the cost into a dollar amount.

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Note: Google renamed this platform from Google Adwords to Google Ads in July 2018.

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