Using Google Ads, you can market your brand to potential customers around the corner or across the globe. The Google Ads/Grow integration gives you a platform to monitor all of your Google Ads data and make effective marketing decisions.

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What to Expect

Here's what you can expect from the Google Ads integration.

  • Divide by 1 million. Google Ads API data gives monetary amounts in micro cents. This means that for any money values, it will need to be divided by 1 million to get the value in dollars and cents. Fortunately, Grow has added a column that automatically converts to standard dollars for you.
  • This integration was formerly called Google Adwords. Beginning July 2018, Google rebranded it to be Google Ads. Both terms refer to the same data source, Google Ads.
  • Segmenting your data: For pre-built metrics, Grow’s Ads integration allows you to segment what data comes through by campaign, by Ads group, and then by keyword. You must select a campaign to select a group, and similarly select a group in order to choose a keyword to segment on. If you leave these fields blank, the pre-built metrics will return data for all of your campaigns and groups.
  • You can write AWQL to pull data. Google Ads has an option to write AWQL, which is a query language similar to SQL. It is not exactly the same as SQL. If you want to learn more about AWQL, you can read their help documentation on it or reference their section on AWQL’s formal grammar.


Google Ads offers two main report types in Grow: Adwords Reports and Custom AWQL. If you want to use AWQL to query your data, choose the second option. You can reference the help doc on AWQL from Google Ads for help writing it.

The report Adwords Reports returns a lot of reports. You can find a complete list of the available reports here. The most frequently-used reports are Account Performance, Campaign Performance, Ad Group Performance, and Ad Performance. A description of these is given below. 

  • Account Performance: returns statistics at the account level.
  • Campaign Performance: returns statistics aggregated at the campaign level.
  • Ad Group Performance: all statistics aggregated at the ad group level.
  • Ad Performance: returns the data aggregated at the ad level.

When building a custom metric, there is a blue Columns button that lets you segment the data that comes in for any of the reports. The columns available are different segments that are also available within Adwords. You will need to select the columns you want to have the data for before Grow will pull data.

If you want to see a description of the available segments for a specific report, first go to the list of reports, then select your report. In the table, click the title of the report in the left-hand column.

This will bring up a list of all of the segments available. To see the description of a particular segment, click on it from one of the lists on this page.

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