Google Analytics Multi-Channel tracks multiple dynamic levels of visitor activity on your websites by keeping track of the areas where multiple actions converge. This article will give you an overview of the Google Analytics Multi Channel/Grow integration.

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Other Notes

Google Analytics Multi Channel is similar to the regular Google Analytics, but it allows you “to analyze how multiple marketing channels influence conversions over time.” If you want more information, you can take a look at Google’s API documentation here.


Google Analytics Multi Channel does not have any set endpoints. Similar to the regular Google Analytics, data sets are created using a combination of metrics (quantitative measurements) and dimensions (attributes of your data). 

Google Analytics Multi Channel Metrics include impressions, impression conversions, assisted conversions, total conversions, first interaction conversions, last interaction conversions, total conversion value,  among others.

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Dimensions include basic channel grouping path, source, campaign, keyword, ad group, ad content, ad, creative ID, customer ID, criteria ID, destination URL, display URL, AdWords placement domain, conversion date, conversion type, advertiser, placement, site, length in interactions histogram, lag in days histogram, transaction ID, targeting type, nth day, among others.

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