After you have connected your Google Analytics account, you will be asked to select metrics, dimensions, filters, and a date range that you want to use for your metric. This article will explain a little more of how to do that.

Google Analytics Metrics

Metrics must be in the following format: ga:[metricName]. Either select the metric from the list provided by clicking the "Metrics" button, or manually type the name of the metric and hit enter. For more info on GA metrics, see Google's article here.

Google Analytics Dimensions

Dimensions parameter breaks down metrics by common criteria. ga:date is the most common dimension, and returns the data aggregated by day. If a query has no dimensions parameter, the returned metrics provide aggregate values for the requested date range. For more info on GA dimensions, see Google's article here.

Google Analytics Filters

Filters restricts the data returned from your request. A filter uses the following form: ga:[name][operator][expression] . For example, you can select a url that contains the URL substring, /web/ , with the following filter: ga:pagepath=@/web/ . For a complete list of names and operators and for more info on GA filters, see Google's page here.

With Filters in Grow, you will enter the filter statement below the Sort Options field. There is a field labeled Enter Filter Statement. You will click in that field and enter your statement there. Read more about filtering in Grow here.

Once you have selected your metrics settings, press the blue Connect button at the bottom of the page.

Example Google Analytics Metrics

Example 1: Total Visits Past 30 Days

Metrics: ga:visits
Dimensions: ga:date
Date Range: 30 days back 

Example 2: Social Referrals MTD

Metrics: ga:sessions
Date Range:
Month to Date

Example 3: YTD Clicks Summary by Month (CPC and CTR)

Metrics: ga:CTR , ga:CPC
Date Range:
Year to Date
Sort Options: ga:month  This allows you to sort your data by each month.

Example 4: MTD Visits for Any Page Containing "/web/"

Metrics: ga:visits
Date Range:
Month to Date
Filter Query:

For more info in general on Google Analytics, along with a complete list of metrics and dimensions, see Google's page here.

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