Google Analytics is a great data source, but it can be a little complex. Sometimes the numbers you are seeing in your Google Analytics don't exactly match up with the numbers you are seeing in Grow. Here are some common reasons for that and how you can fix it.

Date Ranges need to be exact
The date ranges in Google Analytics and Grow need to be exactly the same. If they are not GA does shift historical data points as the dates change. Setting an exact range that is the same fixes this.

Comparing Apples to Apples
Not apples to apples & and an orange. For example, in GA if you are looking at a screen shot that is sessions by date, and in Grow, the metric is displaying sessions and pageviews by date, it could be different. When comparing numbers by date it must be an exact comparison. By adding pageviews in the Grow metric it changes the sessions numbers and vice versa.

Different metric/dimension
Google Analytics has hundreds of metrics and dimensions. New Sessions and new Session percentage looks the same but is different. Same thing for top 5 pages metric, which is not the same as top 5 page paths.

Grow uses the same API that Google uses to display their results. It is the exact same pool of data. If it is not matching up, then Google or Grow is looking at things differently. Once those are in sync, the data will be exactly the same.

If you can't get your metrics to match up or if you have any questions please email or chat in on the site.

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