Querying Mixpanel’s API for custom events from Grow can be somewhat complicated, even for users who know how to use Mixpanel. This article will show you how to get the data you want from specific events in Mixpanel and pull it into Grow.

Custom Events

In Grow, you will connect to Mixpanel and open up a new custom metric. The report that you want to select is “Get Data for Event(s).”

The next step is to get the stored name of each custom event you want to pull data for. Mixpanel has an article here on how to find the object event in your browser console. Follow those instructions to get the event name.

Once you find it, you can enter the name in the format of $custom_event:(6-digit number) into Grow (i.e. $custom_event:123456). You can add multiple events in the “Events” field, separating each one by a semicolon.

Fill in the rest of the information, then connect the metric.


If you want to use the Mixpanel report “Event Data Segmented," you’ll need to create an expression to segment on.

Mixpanel has an article here about how to build segmentation expressions. Because they use their own syntax, you’ll need to read through the article to know how to build a segmentation expression that works with Mixpanel’s API. 

Once you have found all the pieces of the filter (segmentation) expression, you will enter this into the field labeled “Where Expression.” (This seems counter-intuitive, as there is a field for “Segment On,” but the expression does goes into the “Where Expression” field.)

After you enter the segmentation expression, fill in the rest of the data and connect the metric.

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