Mixpanel provides product analytics and allows you to dive deep into usage, acquisition and activation flows, and user retention. Here's an overview of the Mixpanel integration and the reports it allows you to pull into Grow.

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Additional Notes

  • Custom Events: If the event you want to track isn't already built into the interface, you'll need to create a custom event using the unique Mixpanel JavaScript reference to that event. You can refer to our article on Custom Events and Segmentation, or head over to Mixpanel for a more detailed explanation of how to pull the custom event string you need. The Mixpanel API documents also provide some guidance on what possible events and properties for those events can be filtered through the Edit Metric screen.


Mixpanel uses JavaScript Query language to pull specific user event data. In Grow, this process has been simplified for users not familiar with JavaScript. Data can be pulled in and filtered by the desired properties or events and grouped by unit of time (hour, day, week, etc.) through the Grow edit metric screen for each of the following report types:

Get Data for Event(s): A count of events during each unit of time and number of total time intervals. Data Fields include Date, Time, DateTime, and (Event) Count.

Top Events for Today: Returns a list of the most commonly occurring events for the current day. You'll be asked to set both the count type and a limit for the number of events listed.

People Data: All distinct visitor usage data, including distinct id, name, last seen date, device information, country, region, timezone, etc.

Common Events, Last 31 Days: Returns a single-column list of the most commonly occurring events over the past 31 days. 

Single Event and Property (shown above): Returns count values for a specific event, filtered by one event property and value. You'll also specify the type of count, unit of time, and number of time intervals to pull data for.

Top Property Names for Event: Returns a single-column list of the most common properties within a single event.

Top Values for a Property: Returns a single-column list of the most common values for a single event and event property.

Event Data Segmented: Returns single-event data segmented on and filtered by additional desired custom properties. You'll also specify the type of count, unit of time, and maximum number of events to return.

Retention: Returns counts of repeat usage for the specified date range and retention event (account birth, by default). You'll also specify 

  • Which event constitutes a user's "birth"
  • What expression to filter on
  • Which unit of time to group by
  • The number of time intervals to return
  • Which property to segment on
  • The maximum number of events to return

Questions about using the Mixpanel integration? Email us at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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