MOZ provides search engine optimization software, tools, and resources that enable marketers to measure efforts to drive customers to their websites. The Grow/MOZ integration allows you to analyze your MOZ data to get real-time insights into the performance of your search ranking, keywords, and domain authority.

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Other Notes

  • Rate Limits. MOZ's API access is controlled through different rate plans. The free version provides you with 1 call per 10 seconds and up to 25,000 rows per month, with access scaling from there depending on your rate plan.
  • Some endpoints require the paid plan. If you have the free plan through MOZ, you'll be able to access Link Metrics and URL Metrics endpoints through Grow. However, MOZ's API only allows paid versions to access the Anchor Text, Top Pages Metrics, and Index Metadata endpoints. You can see the difference here
  • Building metrics with MOZ requires a URL. Before you can access the list of available reports, you'll first need to know the URL you want to get metrics for. Paste the URL into the line provided, then either click on the Add Custom Metric button or choose from one of the available prebuilt metrics.
  • Use the Cols button to filter your data. In Grow, you can use the Cols button (or any variations thereof) to filter your data that comes in from MOZ. The Scope button also lets you do some filtering and sorting.


Below are the endpoints offered by the MOZ/Grow integration, along with a description of each.

  • URL Metrics: (Available on the free plan.) Measure performance for specified URL(s). Available metrics include title, subdomain, root domain, links, MozRank, MozTrust, spam score, social contact information, HTTP status code, page authority, domain authority, etc. URL metrics are returned for the single URL you specify in the the URL line.
  • Link Metrics: (Available on the free plan.)  Measure link performance and domain authority on multiple levels of scope, including pages, subdomains, and domain link connections. Available field data includes flags, null, anchor text, MozRank, among other data. 
  • Anchor Text: (Available only on the paid plan.) Measure anchor text string performance. Available field data includes term or phrase, internal pages linking, external root domains linking, internal and external MozRank, image link, among other details. 
  • Top Pages: (Available only on the paid plan.) Measure URL performance on a target subdomain, grouped by page authority or number of distinct root domains and filtered by certain HTTP status codes. Top Pages are filtered automatically by the subdomain you specify on the URL line.
  • Index Metadata: (Available only on the paid plan.) All index statistics and metadata, including URL count, subdomain count, root domain count, links crawled, nofollow and canonical links, average count of links per page, among other details.

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