YouTube allows you to share videos with the world and build your audience. With Grow, you can visualize, monitor, and analyze your most relevant video management data, including video performance, channel views, subscribers, and more.

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In a custom metric in Grow, YouTube does not have any “set” reports. Any reports that pull data from YouTube are created using a combination of metrics and dimensions. This makes the reports pretty dynamic, but it also makes it a little tricky to make sense of. Here’s what a YouTube report is made of.

Metrics are measurements of user activity (such as video view counts and likes/dislikes), ad performance, or earnings.

Dimensions are the criteria you use to aggregate data, such as dates or location of a user’s activity. It explains how the metric information will be grouped. 

If you want to learn more about report parameters in YouTube, they have a helpful article here that you can reference.

Note: YouTube usually requires max results field and a dimension to sort by. If you are having issues pulling in data try adding those.

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