Accelo is a CRM that provides a platform on which you can manage relationships with all of your clients with less data entry, less clunkiness, and more focus on simplifying the communication channels between you and your customers. Here are some things you can expect from the Accelo/Grow integration.

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  • Tracking Revenue: The Prospects report contains your potential and realized revenue data for each sales account in the value field. This report can be joined or merged on a matching ID column with other reports that don’t include the value field (some common examples include the Jobs and Contracts reports) to give you additional filtering and grouping options when building metrics in Grow.
  • UTC date formats: Some Accelo reports have date fields that use Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), and others that use Unix Epoch formats. You can reference this Unix Epoch conversion article or chat in on the site for support with time zone offsets and converting date formats in Grow using SQL.


Below is a list of all reports available from Accelo, along with a description of the fields associated with each report.

  • Activities: All communications completed within the selected date range, including against type, subject, thread ID, priority, started date, details, created date, parent ID, class, staff, body, message ID, medium, owner type, visibility, rate charged, ended date, etc.
  • Activities: Allocations: All allocation amounts for activities, including nonbillable, billable, and charged.
  • Affiliations: All relationships between contacts and companies matching the selected date range, including physical address, phone, email, status, affiliation ID, position, company, etc.
  • Companies: All companies with contacts created within the selected date range, including phone, comments, affiliation, website, name, created date, modified date, status, standing, company ID, etc.
  • Contacts: All contacts modified within the selected date range, including contact ID, name, comments, email, modified date, created date, status, default affiliation, standing, etc.
  • Issues: All issues matching the selected date range, including started date, standing, status, ID, against type, company, contact, opened date, submitted by, object budget, date resolved, title, resolution, submitted date, priority, class, assignee, resolved by, description, etc.
  • Jobs: All jobs active within the selected date range, including ID, status, completed date, against type, started date, created date, title, created date, standing, modified by, rate charged, manager, and modified date.
  • Prospects: All potential sales created within the selected date range, including prospect ID, activities, contact, status, standing, progress, type, manager, actioned date, value, success, affiliation, comments, prospect probability, etc.
  • Staff: All staff, including ID, position, timezone, title, phone, name, username, and email.
  • Contracts: All work retainers created within the selected date range, including standing, status, title, period template ID, created date, and contract ID.
  • Requests: All requests, including ID, body, created date, priority, standing, affiliation ID, type, and title.

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