Base CRM is built for optimizing sales processes, from prospecting to closing, allowing salespeople to win more deals with less effort. This article will give you an overview of the Base CRM/Grow integration.

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Below is a list of the endpoints available through the Base CRM/Grow integration, along with a description of each.

  • Contacts: IDs, name, website, and contact information, status, and other information about your contacts. 
  • Deals: IDs, stage changes, organization, activity, name, and source for deals, among other information.
  • Deal Sources: IDs, created and updated times, currency, estimated close date, owner name, source name, stage changes, tags, among other information about deal sources.
  • Leads: IDs, Name, contact information, social information, organization, and tags, among other information for leads.
  • Lead Sources: ID, created and updated times, and name, among some other information.
  • Orders: Deal ID, created and updated times, and discount for orders.
  • Stages: Name, category, position, likelihood, active, created and updated times, and pipeline ID for stages.

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