Dentrix provides broad spectrum practice management and administrative software geared toward dental offices. Here's some things you can expect from the Dentrix/Grow integration.

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What to expect

  • Pre-built reports: Dentrix reports are run using Structured Query Language (SQL), but don't worry if you're not experienced with SQL. The Dentrix connector comes with 30+ powerful pre-built reports that don't require you to write any queries of your own.
  • Dentrix Desktop Support: Grow's Dentrix connector is built for the desktop version only. The online version of Dentrix doesn't have an API, which means that our developers don't have a path to build a connection to it. 
  • Custom Reports: If you're handy with SQL and know the specific data you want to pull for a metric, you can make your own Dentrix reports. Once authenticated, report updates can be sent to Grow on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis, or on demand. Once the report pulled into Grow, it's tied to the user whose credentials were used in authentication. That user, as well as any admin who selects the account of that user can see those Dentrix reports. You can find more information on creating custom reports here.


The Dentrix integration provides the ability to request custom reports, so the reports you pull into Grow will depend on your practice's specific reporting needs. Below are a few examples of reports users have requested.

  • Today’s Patient Notes: All notes entered for patient visits today, including last name, first name, and note text.
  • End of Day Report: Current-day practice metrics, including date, broken appts, appts not completed, appts scheduled amt, procedures completed amt, appts completed, procedures completed, scheduled count, scheduled future appts, appointments revenue, etc.
  • New Patient Appts. (30 Days): All new patient appointments within the next 30 days, including appt date, amount, patient name, provider, and first visit date.
  • Top 20 Paying Patients (30 Days): A list of patients by amount collected over the past 30 days, including patient ID, name, and amount paid.
  • Day Sheet (Last 7 Days): All day sheet entries for the past week, including provider, tooth, payment, ADA code, procedure date, description, and patient name.
  • Finance & Late Charges: All financing and late charge entries, including amount, patient ID, procedure ID, provider ID, history, procedure date, created date, etc.
  • Dollar Amount Per Visit: All patient visit dollar amounts, including patient ID, production ($), visit date, and patient name.
  • New Patient Referrals: All referral data, including referred by, referral date, note, referred by type, name, and referred by email.

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