Konnektive CRM is a customer transaction and campaign management platform that helps marketers succeed. This article will give you an overview of the Konnektive/Grow integration.

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When you select each individual report, they give you different settings to filter your data. 

  • The All Transactions endpoint will show you three additional fields: Transaction Type (Sale, Authorize, Capture, Void, or Refund), Payment Source (Credit Card, Check, or Prepaid), and Transaction Result (Success, Hard Decline, or Soft Decline).
  • The Mid-Summary Report does not require any other settings or input besides a time frame.
  • The Retention endpoint returns three additional fields: Campaign Type (Campaign, Source, or Mid), a Product ID field, and a Select Include option (None, By Product, By Publisher, or By Sub Affiliate).


Below is a list of the reports that the Konnektive/Grow integration offers, along with a short description of the data each endpoint returns.

  • All Transactions: Transaction ID, Merchant, Merchant Descriptor, Mid Number, Merchant ID, Date Created, Date Updated, TXN Type, Response Type, Response Text, Merchant TXN ID, Client TXN ID, Auth Code, Total Amount, Order ID, Client Order ID, Billing Cycle Number, Recycle Number, Campaign ID, Campaign Name, First Name, Last Name, Order Type, Customer ID, Email Address, Phone Number, Pay Source, Card Bin, Card Last 4, Card Type, Ach Bank Name, Ach Routing Number, Ach Account Number, Aff ID, Source Value 1, Source Value 2, Source Value 3, Source Value 4, Source Value 5, Is Charged Back, Charge Back Amount, Chargeback Date, Chargeback Reason Code, Charge Back Note, Currency Symbol, Items Product ID, Items Product, Items Purchase ID, Items Status, Items Billing Cycle Number, Items Last Cancellation Date, Items Next Bill Date, Items Price, Items Shipping, Items Sales Tax, Items Quantity, Items Fulfillment Status, Items Date Shipped, Items Tracking Number.
  • Mid Summary Report: Mid ID, Approved, Declined, Refunded
  • Retention: Campaign ID, Campaign Name, Campaign Category, Orders, Gross Total, Net Total, Expenses Total, Lifetime Value, Lifetime Value Per Cust, Currency Symbol; Cycles: Cycle Number, Approved, Declines, Approval Rate, CPA, Full Refunds, Partial Refunds, Cancels, Charge Backs, Chargeback Rate, Chargeback Rev, Recycles, Pending, Retention, Ret Total, Gross, Expenses, Commission, Net, Transaction Fee, Discount Rate Fee, Shipping Costs, Product Costs, Hard Decline, Soft Decline, Recycle Save, Recycle Initial Successes, Recycle Initial Soft Declines, Recycle Initial Hard Declines, Recycle Initial Success Rate, Recycle Initial Plus Retention Rate; By Product: Product ID, Product Name, Orders, Gross Total, Net Total, Expenses Total, Lifetime Value, Lifetime Value Per Cust, Currency Symbol, Cycles Cycle Number, Cycles Approved, Cycles Declines, Cycles Approval Rate, Cycles CPA, Cycles Full Refunds, Cycles Partial Refunds, Cycles Cancels, Cycles Chargebacks, Cycles Chargeback Rate, Cycles Chargeback Rev, Cycles Recycles, Cycles Pending, Cycles Retention, Cycles Ret Total, Cycles Gross, Cycles Expenses, Cycles Commission, Cycles Net, Cycles Transaction Fee, Cycles Discount Rate Fee, Cycles Shipping Costs, Cycles Product Costs, Cycles Hard Decline, Cycles Soft Decline, Cycles Recycle Save, Cycles Recycle Initial Successes, Cycles Recycle Initial Soft Declines, Cycles Recycle Initial Hard Declines, Cycles Recycle Initial Success Rate, Cycles Recycle Initial Plus Retention Rate; Cycles Recycle Successes, Cycles Recycle Soft Declines, Cycles Recycle Hard Declines, Cycles Recycle Success Rate, Cycles Recycle Plus Retention Rate.

Questions about Konnektive? Email us at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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