Note: To manage users and roles in Netsuite, you must be logged into an admin account or another account that has the permissions to do so.
The Netsuite account connected in Grow currently requires a role that does not enforce 2-factor authentication.

Netsuite has enforced the requirement of 2-factor authentication for any with one or more of the following permissions; Access Token Management (for Token-based Authentication), Two-Factor Authentication, Two-Factor Authentication base, Set Up OpenID Single Sign-On, Set Up SAML Single Sign-On, Integration Application, or Device ID Management.
The standard roles that require 2-factor authentication include Administrator, Marketing Administrator, Sales Administrator, Support Administrator, and System Administrator.
You are able to see which roles require 2-factor authentication by going to Setup > Users/Roles > Two-Factor Authentication Roles.
This article describes how you can change the role for the Netsuite user connected to your Grow account to a role that does not require 2-factor authentication.

To add or remove a role assigned to a user, go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Users. The Manage Users page lists all users by name, with their email addresses and default roles. Click a user name to open his or her record. You can then click the Edit button in the record to make changes. Next, click the Access tab and you will now see all of the roles the user currently has assigned to them. You can remove these rolls and/or add additional roles to the user. Click save and you have now successfully edited the role(s) assigned to that user.

Finally, log into the user's Netsuite account to which the new role was added or removed. Click on the name in the top right corner and you will only see the roles the user has access to. Select the appropriate role and that is it. You have now successfully changed the role of that user.

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