Nutshell is a user-friendly small business CRM that helps sales close more deals faster with sales process automation, painless onboarding, and free support. Here are a few things you can expect from the Nutshell/Grow integration.

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Below is a list of the reports you can pull from Nutshell CRM, along with a description of the fields available with each report.

  • Accounts: All accounts, including stub, account ID, modified date, created date, name, regions, etc.
  • Activities: All activities, including stub, activity ID, modified date, created date, start time, end time, is all day, is flagged, activity type ID, status, markup, user ID, emails, user is enabled, user is admin, etc.
  • Backups: All accounts and customer data backups, including date, status, percent complete, file name and URL, size, etc.
  • Competitors: All competitors, including stub, competitor ID, modified date, created date, name, etc.
  • Contacts: All contacts optionally filtered by account, territory, or tag(s). Field data includes stub, contact ID, modified date, created date, name, job title, etc.
  • Custom Fields: All custom fields associated with the Nutshell account.
  • Industries: All industries, including industry ID and name.
  • Leads: All leads optionally filtered by user, contact, account, tag(s), lead number, and date range. Field data includes stub, ID, name, description, created date, creator, primary account, status, completion, is overdue, due date, value, last contacted date, etc.
  • Markets: All markets, including market ID, name, and currency shortname.
  • Milestones: All milestones, including milestone ID, entity type, rev, name, and position.
  • Notes: All notes created within the selected date range, including stub, entity type, note ID, rev, user, origin ID, note, date, files data, mentions data, lead, contact, account, due date, next step due date, created date, etc.
  • Origins: All origins, including stub, origin ID, modified date, and name.
  • Processes: All processes for the selected lead or all leads, including process ID, name, type, start date, closed date, current milestone, step names and progress data, etc.
  • Products: All products, including stub, product ID, modified date, created date, type, SKU, unit, price data, etc.
  • Settings: All custom settings for the account, including name, value, context data, etc.
  • Sources: All sources, including stub, source ID, name, modified date, etc.
  • Tags: All tags, including name and type.
  • Tasks: All tasks filtered by creator, assignee, leads, or incomplete status. Field data includes title, task ID, created date, description, due date, completed date, completed user ID, user is enabled, user is admin, assignee ID, assignee created date, assignee name and contact, assignee is administrator, entity name, entity description, entity status, completion, value amount, primary account name, primary contact name, is overdue, last contacted date, next step due time, creator data, etc.
  • Teams: All teams, including team ID, modified date, created date, name, etc.
  • Territories: All territories, including territory ID and name.
  • Users: All users, including user ID, name, is enabled, is admin, emails, teams, username, modified date, created date, etc.

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