Pipedrive helps you manage and improve your sales pipeline, so you’re always on top of things. With Grow, you can more clearly visualize what’s happening with your sales team alongside data imported from other sources, so you’re never driving blind.

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What to Expect

Appending ‘Time in Stage’ slows the Deals report

The Pipedrive Deals report has an option to ‘Include Time in Stage Information’. This precisely calculates the time spent in each stage for each opportunity. Since this does multiple calculations on each row, selecting this option slows down the report very significantly. Data warehousing this report is recommended. 

Activity Notes

The Activities report includes a column that has the notes associated with each activity. However, the notes come from Pipedrive as straight HTML which can make them more challenging to work with than plain text. 


Here are the endpoints that the Pipedrive/Grow integration offers, along with a short description of each one. 

  • Activities: Type of task, due date, assignee, deal name, etc.
  • Deals: Details about the deals: status, date, count of activities, organization information, pipeline stage, assignee
  • Goals: Dates and information about each goal.
  • Organizations: Organizations contacted or not contacted, activity information, etc.
  • Persons: Contact info for individuals associated with deals
  • Pipelines: The ids and names for each of the pipelines
  • Stages: The ids and names for pipelines stages, probability info

Grow also includes data from any custom fields set up on your account. 

Questions about using Pipedrive? Email us at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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