PipelineDeals provides an easy-to-use CRM backed by reliable customer support to help companies manage and optimize their sales pipeline and client relationships. Here's an overview of the PipelineDeals/Grow integration.

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Below is a complete list of the reports offered by the Chargify integration, along with a description of the data available in each report.

  • Account Notifications: All notifications, including ID, account, user, text, read date, created date, updated date, and seen.
  • Calendar Events: All events, appointments and other calendar items, including ID, type, owner, category, name, description, end time, all day, due date, complete, completed date, R rule, R date, exrule, exdate, base entry, association, association type, active, created date, updated date, google calendar ID, company ID, part of recurring series, recurrence end date, category, owner, start date, association, associated company, association ID, association contact details, category, etc.
  • Companies: All business partners and organizations of interest, including company ID, name, address, email, phone, updated date, created date, import ID, owner ID, image thumb URL, image mobile URL, owner ID, owner name, additional custom fields, etc.
  • Deals: All potential and won deals, including deal, source, and user IDs, name, summary, created and updated dates, primary contact info, deal stage, probability, status, expected close date, company, deal loss reason, value in cents, activity information, days in stage, company, source, collaborators, and additional custom fields, among other information.
  • Deal Custom Field Labels: All custom field labels for deals, including label ID, name, field type, report behavior, is required, position, type, created date, updated date, group ID, dropdown entries ID, account ID, name, position, created date, updated date, etc.
  • Deal Loss Reasons: All possible reasons for lost deals, including loss reason ID, name, account ID, position, created date, and updated date.
  • Deal Stages: All possible deal stages, including ID, percent, name, created date, and updated date.
  • Documents: All saved documents and templates, including document ID, title, created date, updated date, deal name, owner name, person name, document type, upload status, error message, public link, size in K, upload state, eTag, document tag IDs, company ID, company name, document tags, etc.
  • Lead Sources: All lead sources, including source ID, name, cost per lead in cents, flat fee in cents, created date, and updated date.
  • Lead Statuses: All possible lead statuses, including status ID, created date, updated date, hex color, and name.
  • People: All people of interest, including people ID, name, position, contact information, created and updated dates, social media info, type, activity details, ┬ádeal name, source name, user and lead IDs, and company info, among other information.
  • Profile: All user profiles, including profile and account IDs, name, email, manager ID, time zone, is account admin, date format, time format, API key, milestone IDs, account key, and currency, among other details.
  • Users: All users, including user and account IDs, name, email, time zone, is account admin, date Format, time format, deleted date, API key, milestone IDs, and currency, among other details.

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