QuickBase is an application platform that allows customizable apps, clear reports, and smooth task management and data flow between team members. QuickBase has a library of purpose-built apps to support business functions for teams. Here is how you can link a QuickBase report to your Grow dashboard.

Only Common Reports in QuickBase can be linked in Grow, so that is the first step.

Common Report access

Access to Common Reports is moderated by an application manager. If you do not have permission to create Common Reports, you will need to ask the application manager to grant you access. 

Application managers can view this setting by going to “Modify Settings” and selecting “Access.” The administrator will be able to see the people with access to each QuickBase app and the roles each person has to create and view different types of reports. 

Under the Common Report column, the check mark should be green. If the check mark is grayed out, the administrator can click it to enable access to these reports. Below is the administrator’s view of all the users in the app.

Creating a Common Report

To create a common report in QuickBase you have to save a new copy with the proper settings. There is unfortunately no way to just set an existing report to common. To save a new copy, open the report you want to pull into Grow, then click “Customize this Report.”

Three options should appear in the header: Save, Display, and Cancel. Click the drop-down arrow for the Save button, and click “Save as.”

In the “Save report as” window that appears, name the report. In the “This report is” section, be sure that the radio button next to “Common (others can view it)” is selected. The report will show up in your list of reports as a Common Report and will be accessible to Grow.

You can then delete the original report in QuickBase. You don't have to do this, but it helps to keep your report list clean. To delete the report, click on your profile in the upper right hand corner, then select “My personal settings in this app.”

When the page pulls up, select “My reports and charts” in the left-hand panel. This will show all of your reports with “Mine” access. In a column on the right, you should see red “X” marks. Clicking the X will delete the report.

Pulling the Report into Grow

Go ahead and log in to Grow. Click Add Metric and select QuickBase as the data source. You will need to authorize your account before you can pull the reports in.

Here, you will see a section called Template Settings. In the first field, select Common Reports/Queries from the drop-down. 

In the field Select a Table, you will choose from which module to pull a report. (Modules in QuickBase are shown below.)

Once you have selected the module, choose which table or report you want to pull from, then click the blue Connect button.

You will then be able to select what data to display in the metric on your Grow dashboard. And you are done!

If you have any questions please email support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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