Salesforce offers social and mobile cloud technologies that help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees. The Salesforce/Grow integration enables you to get a total view of your sales funnel and your entire business while displaying current data for all of your customers.

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Salesforce can be a very handy integration for companies whose platform may not yet be integrated or compatible with Grow. If your company cannot pull info directly into Grow, but you have a Salesforce account, we can make it possible for you to display your data on your Grow dashboard.

Salesforce vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
Grow offers integrations to both Salesforce as well as Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce offers CRM technologies, allowing companies to manage their customer relations as well as to manage and prioritize tasks and events. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing platform.

Salesforce Edition to use Grow. In order to access your data, you will need API access in Salesforce. This is offered on Salesforce's Enterprise plan. You can learn more here.


Grow’s Salesforce integration is extremely robust. You have three options for pulling data into Grow: Reports, Saved Reports, or Write SOQL. Each one of these then further provides a myriad of possibilities to pull data in. 

Reports will bring in the most unfiltered data from Salesforce. In addition to standard Salesforce reports, Grow can pull in any other tables your account is connected to in Salesforce, making the integration very dynamic.

Saved reports are reports that you build and save in Salesforce. This filters your data down to the most critical information---and information you want to see and track. You can check out this article to see how to build a metric using saved reports. 

Write SOQL is an option for those who know how to use Salesforce’s query language. For those who know how to write SOQL, it can be helpful in filtering critical data from a Salesforce report or combining multiple Salesforce reports. If you want to learn how to write SOQL, Salesforce provides an introduction here.

The following list shows the standard reports in Salesforce, along with some of the standard fields each report provides. The Salesforce/Grow integration also offers other sub-types of these reports as well as any other custom reports or fields you have set up in your Salesforce account.

REPORT: Activities

  • Task Fields: Assigned To, Call Duration, Call Object Identifier, Call Result, Call Type, Comments, Created By, Create Recurring Series of Tasks, Due Date, Email, Last Modified By, Name, Phone, Priority, Recurrence Interval, Related To, Repeat This Task, Status, Subject, Task Subtype, Type
  • Events Fields: All-Day Event, Assigned To, Created By, Date, Description, Duration, Email, End, Event Subtype, Last Modified By, Location, Name, Phone, Private, Related To, Show Time As, Start, Subject, Time, Type

REPORT: Campaigns

  • Fields: Active, Actual Cost in Campaign, Actual Cost in Hierarchy, Budgeted Cost in Campaign, Budgeted Cost in Hierarchy, Campaign Member Type, Campaign Name, Campaign Owner, Contacts in Campaign, Contacts in Hierarchy, Converted Leads in Campaign, Converted Leads in Hierarchy, Created By, Description, End Date, Expected Response (%), Expected Revenue in Campaign, Expected Revenue in Hierarchy, Last Modified By, Leads in Campaign, Leads in Hierarchy, Num Sent in Campaign, Num Sent in Hierarchy, Opportunities in Campaign, Opportunities in Hierarchy, Parent Campaign, Responses in Campaign, Responses in Hierarchy, Start Date, Status, Type, Value, Opportunities in Campaign, Value Opportunities in Hierarchy, Value Won Opportunities in Campaign, Value Won Opportunities in Hierarchy, Won Opportunities in Campaign, Won Opportunities in Hierarchy


  • Fields: Address, Annual Revenue, Campaign, Company, Created By, Key, Description, Do Not Call, Email, Email Opt Out, Fax, Fax Opt Out, Industry, Last, Modified By, Last Transfer Date, Lead Owner, Lead Source, Lead Status, Mobile, Name, Salutation, First Name, Last Name, No. of Employees, Phone, Rating, Title, Website

REPORT: Accounts

  • Fields: Account Name, Account Number, Account Owner, Account Site, Account Source, Annual Revenue, Billing Address, Created By, Key, Description, Employees, Fax, Industry, Last Modified By, Ownership, Parent Account, Phone, Rating, Shipping Address, SIC Code, SIC Description, Ticker Symbol, Type, Website

REPORT: Contacts

  • Fields: Account Name, Assistant, Asst. Phone, Birthdate, Contact Owner, Created By, Key, Department, Description, Do Not Call, Email, Email Opt Out, Fax, Fax Opt Out, Home Phone, Last Modified By, Last Stay-in-Touch Request Date, Last Stay-in-Touch Save Date, Lead Source, Mailing Address, Mobile, Name, Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Other Address, Other Phone, Phone, Reports To, Title

REPORT: Opportunities

  • Fields: Account Name, Amount, Close Date, Contract, Created By, Description, Expected Revenue, Forecast Category, Last Modified By, Lead Source, Next Step, Opportunity Name, Opportunity Owner, Price Book, Primary Campaign Source, Private, Probability (%), Quantity, Stage, Synced Quote, Type

REPORT: Opportunity Product

  • Fields: Created By, Date, Discount, Last Modified By, Line Description, List Price, Opportunity, Product, Product Code, Quantity, Sales Price, Subtotal, Total Price

REPORT: Quotes

  • Fields: Account Name, Additional To, Additional To Name, Bill To, Bill To Name, Contact Name, Contract, Created By, Description, Discount, Email, Expiration Date, Fax, Grand Total, Last Modified By, Line Items, Opportunity Name, Phone, Quote Name, Quote Number, Quote To, Quote To Name, Shipping and Handling, Ship To, Ship To Name, Status, Subtotal, Syncing, Tax, Total Price

REPORT: Quote Line Items

  • Fields: Created By, Date, Discount, Last Modified By, Line Item Description, Line Item Number, List Price, Product, Product Code, Quantity, Quote Name, Sales Price, Subtotal, Total Price

REPORT: Social Persona

  • Fields: Are we following, Bio, Blacklisted, Created By, Followers, Following, Is following us, Klout Rating, Last Modified By, Listed Count, Number Of Friends, Number Of Tweets, Parent, Profile Type, Profile URL, Provider External Picture URL, Radian6 Media Provider, Radian6 Media Type, Radian6 Source Id, Radian6 User Id, Real Name, Social Handle, Social Network, Social Persona Provider External Id, Source App, Topic Type

REPORT: Social Posts

  • Fields: Analyzer Score, Assigned To, Attachment Type, Attachment URL, Classification, Comment Count, Content, Content Clipping, Created By, Deleted By, Engagement Level, External Post Id, Harvest Date, Headline, Inbound Link Count, In Reply To, Is Outbound, Keyword Group Name, Language, Last Modified By, Liked By, Likes and Votes, Managed Social Account, Message Type, Name, Owner, Parent, Posted Date, Post Priority, Post Tags, Post URL, Radian6 Media Provider, Radian6 Media Type, Radian6 Post Id, Radian6 Source Id, Radian6 Topic Id, Recipient, Recipient Type, Response Context, Reviewed Status, Review Scale, Review Score, Sentiment, Shares, Social Handle, Social Network, Social Persona, Source Tags, Spam Rating, Status, Status Message, Thread Size, Topic Profile Name, Topic Type, Unique Commentors, View Count, Who


  • Fields: Account Name, Asset, Business Hours, Case Number, Case Origin, Case Owner, Case Reason, Case Source, Closed When Created, Contact Email, Contact Fax, Contact Mobile, Contact Name, Contact Phone, Created By, Date/Time Closed, Date/Time Opened, Description, Escalated, Internal Comments, Last Modified By, Parent, Case, Priority, Status, Subject, Type, Web Company, Web Email, Web Name, Web Phone

REPORT: Contracts

  • Fields: Account Name, Activated By, Activated Date, Billing Address, Company Signed By, Company Signed Date, Contract End Date, Contract Name, Contract Number, Contract Owner, Contract Start Date, Contract Term (months), Created By, Customer Signed By, Customer Signed Date, Customer Signed Title, Description, Last Modified By, Owner Expiration Notice, Price Book, Shipping Address, Special Terms, Status

REPORT: Orders

  • Fields: Account Name, Account Number, Activated By, Activated Date, Billing Address, Bill To Contact, Company Authorized By, Company Authorized Date, Contract End Date, Contract Name, Contract Number, Created By, Customer Authorized By, Customer Authorized Date, Description, Last Modified By, Opportunity, Order Amount, Order End Date, Order Name, Order Number, Order Owner, Order Reference Number, Order Start Date, Order Type, Original Order, PO Date, PO Number, Quote, Reduction Order, Shipping Address, Ship To Contact, Status

REPORT: Solutions

  • Fields: Created By, Last Modified By, Public, Solution Details, Solution Number, Solution Title, Status, Visible in Public Knowledge Base

REPORT: Products

  • Fields: Active, Created By, Display URL, External Data Source, External ID, Last Modified By, Product Code, Product Description, Product Family, Product Name, Quantity Unit Of Measure

REPORT: Price Books

  • Fields: Active, Created By, Description, Is Standard Price Book, Last Modified By, Price Book Name

REPORT: Price Book Entries

  • Fields: Active, Created By, Last Modified By, List Price, Price Book, Product, Product Code, Standard Price, Use Standard Price

REPORT: Badges

  • Fields: Active, Badge Name, Company Badge, Created By, Created Date, Description, Given Badge Count, Image URL, Last Modified By, Last Modified Date, Limit Number, Limit Per User, Limit Start Date, Owner Name

REPORT: Badges Received

  • Fields: Badge, Badge Received Name, Created By, Created Date, Description, Given by, Image, Last Modified By, Last Modified Date, Recipient, Source

REPORT: Thanks

  • Fields: Created By, Feed Item, Given by, Last Modified By, Message, Owner Name

REPORT: Assets

  • Fields: Account, Asset Name, Competitor Asset, Contact, Created By, Description, Install Date, Last Modified By, Parent Asset, Price, Product, Product Code, Product Description, Product Family, Purchase Date, Quantity, Root Asset, Serial Number, Status, Usage End Date


  • Fields: About Me, Active, Address, Admin Info Emails, Alias, Allow Forecasting, Call Center, Cell, Chatter Email Highlights Frequency, Company Name, Contact, Default Notification Frequency when Joining Groups, Delegated Approver, Department, Division, Email, Email Encoding, Email Sender Address, Email Sender Name, Email Signature, Employee Number, End of Day, Extension, Fax, Hourly Login Limit, IDE Workspace, Info Emails, Internal Subtype, Is Controlled By System, Language, Locale, Manager, Name, Nickname, Phone, Profile, Role, SAML Federation ID, Start of Day, Stay-in-Touch Email Note, Stay-in-Touch Email Signature, Stay-in-Touch Email Subject, Time Zone, Title, Username

REPORT: Content Version

  • Fields: Description, File Type, Language, Owner, Prevent others from sharing and unsharing, Tags, Title

REPORT: Email Messages

  • Fields: BCC Address, CC Address, Created By, Created Date, From, From Address, From Name, Has Attachment, Headers, HTML Body, Is Externally Visible, Is Incoming, Last Modified By, Last Modified Date, Message Date, Message Size, Parent Case, Related To, Status, Subject, Text Body, To Address

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